Coffee Morning: 19th November 2019

When Jim and Sheila Brazier left Botley, they generously gave three cribs to All Saints to be sold for Church funds. They will be available to see at the All Saints’ Coffee morning  on 19 November from 10.30 to 12.

We are happy to accept offers for any of the cribs in advance and delivered to the Church Office. Please make your offer in an envelope marked Cribs, giving your name, contact no., the crib you would like to buy and the offer you are making.             

Crib 1

Ceramic moulded group. 13x6x8h ins.

Guide price £ 20/25

Crib 2

Blue Taiwanese ceramic. Individual figures.

Guide price £ 20/25

Crib 3

Fewer individual figures. Suspended angel.

Guide price £ 10

Enquiries to:



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