Jim Brasier’s Farewell – 8th September 2019

A united Parish Communion was held on 8th September to wish farewell to Jim and Sheila Brasier, who are moving to Herne Bay to be closer to their family. Jim celebrated, resplendent in one of the chasubles he has designed and made himself. Afterwards there was a lunch at the Market Hall and they were presented with tokens to help towards the garden of their new home.

The cake for Jim and Sheila featured figures reflecting their love of craft, Sheila’s knitting and Jim’s set of vestments that he made for BCD churches.

This is Jim and Sheila’s second retirement. They moved to Botley over 20 years ago when Jim retired from full time ministry, though their ministry has continued so that this “retirement” can only be described as partial. We are very grateful for the immense contribution, both spiritually and practically, they have made to all three parishes. Not only has Jim taken thought-provoking services (frequently aided and abetted by Sheila) but their multi-talented craft-work adorns our churches and will remind us of them in years to come.

We pray for God’s blessing on them in their new home.


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