Home Group

There are a number of home groups that meet regularly on varying days and times, to explore and grow our faith together. This is done through bible study, discussion, sharing and praying together, and worship. Some groups incorporate the sharing of a meal together.

Groups look at particular themes, or study particular books of the Bible over a period of weeks. The groups provide a time and a safe place to ask questions and to think more deeply about things, debating together and giving us a chance to hear varying views. Our time together helps to keep our faith vibrant as we consider how we can apply biblical truths and examples to our everyday lives. Our studies help us to understand more of the wonderful nature of God and to walk more closely with him through life.

Membership of groups is open to all. There is a diversity within each group and membership is made up of people at varying stages in their Christian journey. We are all learning. Everyone’s contribution is valued and the fellowship we share enriches and encourages us to live out our faith day by day.

Groups meet as follows:

  • Alternate Monday afternoons in the foyer at All Saints – contact Lynn Gosden on 01489 799395
  • Alternate Monday evenings during term time with a break over Lent – contact Angela Adams on 01489 799257
  • Alternating Tuesday and Thursday evenings – contact Kathleen Watson on 01489 786185