Special Services

  • Stir Up Sunday

    Sunday 24th November at 10.00am

    We will be having a special Family Service during which each parish will be making its Christmas Cake where everyone brings ingredients to put into the mix. All welcome.

    Come and help us make the Church Christmas Cake at the Family Service at Durley School on Stir Up Sunday at 10am.  We will be bringing along ingredients to make the cake and they will all go into the bowl for one big stir during the service.

    If you’d like to come and would like to bring an ingredient for the cake, please contact Gill Mulley (01489 860587 or gill_mulley@hotmail.co.uk) and she will tell you what to bring. (She will phone or email you after 15th November).

    The Christmas cake will be cooked, iced and served up at the 10am service in the Church on Christmas morning – come and join us then too!