During this difficult time for us all here are some ways to sustain our Christian faith.  Below is information on how to take part in online services, resources for children and young people, and links to information and good news stories during the lockdown.

For information on local support and how you can help others, please click here.

Online Worship

Everyone within Botley, Curdridge and Durley is invited to participate in our online services via Zoom.  Details will be emailed and posted here in advance of each service.

9th Sunday after Trinity Sunday Service: Sunday 9th August at 10am

Click here or on the image below to access the Service Booklet.

To join the worship on Zoom you need to click on the link which is sent from the church office with the weekly news sheet.  If you do not receive this, please ask for your email to be added to the distribution list by contacting Karen at the office:

Alternatively, you can obtain the link by asking another church member, who you know personally, to forward it onto you.

For children

Please don’t feel under any pressure to use these materials – they are just ideas you may enjoy that tie in with the reading for this Sunday.  Read on!


Please read today’s bible reading Matthew 14.22-33 about the disciples being caught in a storm on Lake Galilee and Jesus appearing to them walking on the water! Read what happens when Jesus asks Peter to step out of the boat and walk across the water! Use a toy boat and shakers for rain sounds to accompany the reading.

Chat about: if you were Peter, would you have stepped out of the boat?

Lie a piece of fabric on the floor to represent the lake. Gather some stones from the garden and as you lay them on the cloth, name the things that stop you from trusting Jesus and other people. Gather the stones up and ask God to help you to overcome those worries. Then walk across the cloth, imagine you are joining Jesus walking across water.

If you want to get messy, stand barefoot in some paint then walk across a large piece of paper or old bed sheet and imagine you’re following Jesus across the lake.

Look at the activities on the Roots family activity sheet.


The government has allowed churches to open from 15th June, not for services but for socially distanced and supervised individual prayer.  Our thanks to the wardens for procedures that allow us to do this safely for both welcomers and visitors.

Durley Church is open this week Mon-Sat 10am-4pm & Sun 10am-12noon. Thereafter the idea is for opening on Saturdays and Sundays (times TBC)
Botley Church. From Sun 21st June the church will open on Sundays and Wednesdays from 2-4pm.
Curdridge Church.  Thursday 25th June the church will open 10am-12noon. Thereafter the church will open Tuesdays 1-3pm & Thursdays 10am-12noon.

Please kindly note that BCD church opening can only happen if we can get enough volunteers to act as stewards to welcome and give simple advice to visitors. This is a real opportunity to enable people who have not had access to their village church to come and pray.  We will keep you informed.


For the time being the parish magazines for Botley, Curdridge and Churches can be viewed here:

Daily Prayer at Home
A Daily Prayer booklet is available for use each day at home with some additional prayers.

Daily Prayer at Home – Additional Readings contains readings up to June plus 4 extra Psalms. Alternatively, you can download a Daily Prayer app on a smartphone or tablet – click here for a range of apps available.

Daily Services online
The daily videoed prayers that the Diocese of Portsmouth have been offering during the coronavirus lockdown will also continue to be available, Monday to Saturday, at around 8am each day, via Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and on their website.

An inspiring image to remind us that God cares for the world and that our prayers for each other can be in the context of the whole world, especially those parts of the world with rudimentary health care systems. Click here.

Please light a candle where it can be seen in your community as a sign of both support for all front line staff and carers – and a sign of our hope and prayer that the experience of the pandemic will make us kinder and better people at the end of our confinement.

Stress Management
Some kinds of stress or certain situations can present the opportunity to harness stress positively.

For instance, it can be a driving force to succeed or fuel the desire to push the limits, but it’s all about managing stress in the right way – recognizing when it’s a problem and when it can be utilized for good effect.

This website introduces 9 Inspirational Stress Management Quotes to Keep You Motivated.

During this time when most of us will be at home, you could make time for keeping a journal.  If you’ve never done this before you may find that it helps to get things straight in your head.  You needn’t spend very much time each day doing this.  Writing in this way is a spiritual activity and you may find that once you start you’ll be wondering where all those thoughts came from!  Try writing rather than on a computer, the mental-physical process get a different result. See where it takes you! Find out more about the benefits of journaling for stress management.

Taize worship
Faced with the measures of isolation that are now the rule in many different countries, the Taizé ecumenical religious community, which welcomes 1000’s of young people each year, would like to express their spiritual solidarity with all those who find themselves alone.

A prayer with a small group of brothers will be broadcast live from the Community:

Portsmouth Cathedral
Daily live-streamed services online:

Tim Daykin on BBC Radio Solent
6am-9am Sundays
With music and conversation to lift the spirit.

Good news stories
Click on this BBC link:


Join the Facebook page “YCMM Diocese of Portsmouth” as lots of useful resources for youth and children are posted here.  Take a look!

Rainbows! Yes, more rainbowsMany rainbows that households have drawn, painted, coloured have been appearing in the windows of homes around Botley, Curdridge and Durley.  Please consider doing the same. Young or old can participate in this act of hope.

Click here for the “I can pray a rainbow – activities for children” sheet.

RAINBOWS OF HOPE: Click to see a range of rainbows spotted around the local area – why not send us your pictures too?  Please email to to have yours added to the gallery.

Boredom Busters!

Here are loads of resources to help keep children and young people busy!

Marwell Zoo – watch animals via webcams

VE Day Activity Pack

Disney Inspired Educational Activities

Film Competitions

Marvel Comics Online

Jokes for Kids